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I always say that my favorite in do-it-yourself projects is always the decoration-related ones. Because the more functional what I do, the more it pleases me. If you saw the table decoration ideas I shared last year, you already know how my work table is. Because I am not bored with the order I have set up and I am very satisfied. But I should also say that last year I just arranged my own table and skipped the table of Eser. At the end of this year, when it came to arranging the work desk of Eser, I realized that it was time to put my projects into practice.


When constructing the table layout, the most important detail is actually the organizers. Because the junk you have at hand must settle in some way. As such, I actually prepared 2 different organizers for this year. One of them will hang on the wall and the other will be on the table.

DIY Wall Organizer

Metal organizers in the form of grids on the walls have become very fashionable. I wanted to make a simple version of this grid look. For this, I spent 50 × 70 cm deco decoration frost tires :). Cut the black thick tires to the length that you can connect to the board, again determine the intervals according to your own taste and knot from behind.

If you do not want to pay 30-40 TL for the decoration, you can use cardboard. Also, if you don’t have a problem with drilling the wall. It is also a good idea to nail the nails at intervals where you can stretch the tire to the wall and pass the tire. You can even make an asymmetrical arrangement instead of a grid look.

As a result, you can compress notes and photos between the tires. You can also hold everything you want on the tires with pegs and clamps. Since the decor has a glossy surface, post-it adheres well too;)

DIY Table Organizer

  • Fund Cardboard
  • Patex Adhesive
  • Ray Max Copper color spray

The theme of the table decoration I made last year was copper. As you know, neither copper fashion has passed nor the love of copper color in me has been exhausted. In other words, I continued the theme of copper this year at full throttle. I think I saw the triangular organizer made of cardboard, in Nifty, and it was a complete self. As I have seen my first try, I made it with a corrugated cardboard. However, I did not get the result I wanted while cutting and folding the cardboard. The final form of the organization was also quite rude to me.

I did not give up the idea, but I replaced the material with a thick cardboard. It is okay if you take care that it is thin enough to be folded but hard and thick enough to carry your stationery while choosing the cardboard.

cardboard 10cmx30cm I marked it in strips, but left 1 inch each to stick to the ends. I used these share places to curl and paste like a tab.

I cut the 9 pieces that I cut into triangles of 10 cm each edge and glued them at the ends. I chose a glue like uhu-like adhesive that does not dry fast, such as hot silicon, but fast, and I glue the parts carefully in my hand.

At the last stage, I glued the triangles together by giving them a pyramid shape. After Ray Max Copper spray paint, my organizer is ready and very cool 🙂

My desk I shared last year

Cute lights save lives while finalizing the desk. I love to see the photos I took in the form of Polaroid on my desk. Digital archives are full of thousands of photos, but we don’t have time to look at it: (Of course, even though my desk is not always tidy like the original version, the organizers I make make my job very easy. InstagramWould you share with me on?

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