7 Cheap and Easy DIY Projects For Christmas

I prepared DIY ideas that you can apply immediately to bring the joy of the New Year to your life. I want to show you what you can do for Christmas without spending a lot of money by practicing these ideas in a practical way.

You will be able to use some of the do-it-yourself projects that I have prepared for the New Year during your celebrations or when setting up a nice table.

Christmas wreath from the hoop

My favorite part of the Christmas wreaths is that they are easily personalized. So you can immediately make a wreath according to your taste and the materials at hand. I made a wreath using the hoops I love so much. I acted spontaneously according to the pieces that came out as I mixed the materials. Since I like the image of the pulley, I chose not to close it completely.

• I cut a strip of plaid fabric and glued it with hot silicone.
• I wrote “JOY” on the pieces of wood, put glue on them, and put the black algae crumbled by my hand.
• I also glued the pieces of wood on the plaid strip.
• I fixed my cones with wire on the top and added an artificial pine branch on top.
• I also decorated this piece with bells, bells and small ornaments.
• Finally I hung on the wall with a ribbon;)

Origami Star

This time I made a 7-sided star with the black and white papers I printed. This star, made using only paper, looks great and looks as if it was taken ready when you hung it. Once you have done the steps, you immediately get up to speed when your hand gets used.

Christmas Tree With Wooden Slats

This year, when the minimalist Christmas trees became very fashionable, I made a version experiment by yourself.

I tied the two wooden sticks under my hand together.
I put lights on it and put it against the wall.
I tied the Christmas ornaments to the boards and lights.
When I added the origami star I described above, I’m done.
Candlesticks From Old Bottles

The most suitable thing for the New Year’s table is candlesticks. So this idea of transformation is one of my favorites. It is also a project that you can always use at the table.

• I removed the labels of used soda bottles and cleaned them.
• I poured water into the bottles.
• I threw the pine and olive branches that I collected into the bottle.
• I thinned the bottom of the long candles into the bottle and fixed it to the bottle.
• Paper Lace Angel Ornaments

I think you will try this idea since the angel theme suits the New Year very well.

  • Fold round paper laces zigzag.
  • Make the wings by folding the paper.
  • Add a small piece of string or ribbon between the two sheets before sticking them together.
  • Stick the two pieces together.
  • Add a large wooden bead over the string so that it looks like a head.

3D Star Making From Paper Bag

I tried this project that I tried last year and loved it again with a different cut shape this year. The nice thing is that you will have a different patterned star according to the shape you cut.

  • Apply 10 pouches of paper in the shape of a “T” glue and overlap them. (Size may vary but I used 11 cm X 27 cm.
  • Draw patterns on it and cut it.
  • When you open it at both ends, you will have a great star. This star can also be used for parties and celebrations outside of New Year.
  • You can stick the two ends or tie them with a rope.

Making Snowflakes from Paper

In the past, we used to make these snowflakes at schools, but when I did it again, I realized that I completely forgot. You can make multiple snowflakes and decorate the glasses. This year, my favorite idea is to paste more than one snowflake and turn it into a runner.

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