Balcony Decoration: How to make Flowerpots and Wicker Baskets from Fruit Crates?

When I published my balcony decoration video on Youtube last year, I did not think that it would be watched or criticized so much. Since I am being criticized, then I said why should I not take a new one? Joking aside, I came back with new ideas this year when the topic I received the most was balcony decoration. Fortunately, my balcony with the Izmir view is still with me, so I haven’t moved from the house. This year I tried both projects that I wanted to try while decorating my balcony. Of course, new project means new adventure. Look, what do you do when you do it yourself? Believe me your life is never boring 🙂

My Pallets and New Pillows

Since the pallets I shared last year are very solid, I changed only the mattresses and pillows on them this year. I use used palettes on the balcony and I continue to use it very well in summer and winter as I paint it with oil and white. The standard size of the pallets is 80 × 120 cm. When it was necessary to make a cushion of exactly this size, I took the breath as a result of researches at Here you can make mattresses in any size and fabric options you want.

I wanted to use ethnic patterned cushions and pillows on my balcony this year as I am a patient of Moroccan, Moroccan style outdoor spaces. There are also cushions and poufs in the bohemian, ethnic and authentic style from the same site. It is very successful in terms of price and quality. Even details such as the floor mat with thick wicks and buttons are small but important. I chose the pillows in different colors, patterns and sizes and mixed them abundantly. Because the more complicated, the better 🙂

Flowerpots from Fruit Crates

You have seen wonderful DIY projects from fruit crates. Since it is an idea I haven’t tried yet, I decided to adapt it to my balcony. Sometimes projects that you think will be the easiest can suddenly become the hardest. Finding a wooden fruit crate was much more difficult for me than finding a pallet. We went to the grocery store and asked for a wooden lemon crate, but we were unable to find it from the immediate surroundings, as plastic cassettes were switched quickly. When we said you would find it only in Hal in Buca, we took the breath there. Although it was not very clean, we collected lots of cases and paid 10 TL for all. I was able to eliminate half of the 10 crates we brought and make only four of them available. I couldn’t find the new ones from timelessness, but if I had time I would find it for sure. Anyway, I cleaned my cases with a little sandpaper and decided to use them without paint and varnish for now, as they are not in very good condition. Of course, I don’t know what will happen in the coming days.

I leaned the crates on the wall in a horizontal and vertical manner without fixing each other. I looked very well and immediately I started placing my flowers and candle holders on them. The result was very good: D If you find crates in good condition, you can make a home library, remind me;)

Wall Decoration with Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets and macroses are also suitable for the Moroccan style decoration that I tried to apply on my balcony. It has been quite fashionable to decorate the wall with straw objects and baskets for a while. As such, I decided to try this idea on the balcony. Wicker baskets and services will work, but when I couldn’t find the wicker service I wanted, I decided to make it from the rope.

Making Basket from Rope

I turned a salad bowl upside down and covered it with stretch film. Starting from the middle of the rope, I started sticking around itself and started to stick it. When it came to the size I wanted, I cut the excess of the rope and fixed the end with a bit of silicone.

To service, it is enough to do the same operation on a flat surface. After marking my service to be equal to 8 pieces, I painted it with some black acrylic paint. My goal was to capture an ethnic image. I painted the bowl with burgundy and blue paints, again with random patterns.

I fixed these two baskets on the wall with a wooden bowl I bought from Ikea, an old basket and a Far Eastern style straw hat from Kemeralti. By the way, since the basket I used was hard, I would transform it into a small flower bed.

Since macroses would suit very well, I hung my macrame flower, which I shared in the past years, to the new corner by piercing the ceiling. Meanwhile, the most frequently asked details of last year were colored bulbs. Since I bought it from Primark, I chose to hang these bulbs, which I could not direct, to the hooks this year.

If the dark clouds that have not gone since I decorated the balcony are scattered, I will continue to share my balcony with you on my Instagram account throughout the summer. Please share your ideas with me from there, see you…

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