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Darul Aman Palace, Darul Aman Palace Kabul Afghanistan, Afghanistan Kabul Attractions **2021

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Darul Aman Palace is a three-story high palace located about 16 kilometers southwest of the center of Kabul, Afghanistan. It is just next to the National Museum of Afghanistan and once you have visited it, you will find it very hard to forget it. Darul Aman palace Kabul Afghanistan this palace was built by Shahjahan in the seventeenth century for his personal use. Afghanistan Kabul Attractions the museum, which is situated in front of the palace is a great attraction for both locals and tourists.

Darul Aman Palace

Darul Aman Palace was designed by Kiaz menus and is one of the best examples of Mughal architecture. It has been added to the World Heritage List because of its Mughal style, with additions made by the British during their rule in Afghanistan. When the Taleban forces swept into Afghanistan after September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the country, they laid a wreath on the palace yard. Later that year, the British returned the stone to the palace to celebrate the end of their rule in Afghanistan. The stone was then given to the government of that country to be used as a symbol of the peace agreement reached with the Taleban following the terrorist attacks.

After the fall of the Taleban, the capital of the country was moved to Kabul, from Darul Aman. Now, the name of Darul Aman is synonymous with the international airport in Kabul. Many international flights travel to Kabul and many tourists who visit the country often use the Darul Aman palace as a stopover when returning to Afghanistan. Although this palace was not directly destroyed during the conflict, it was badly damaged during the bombardment.

Darul Aman Palace Kabul Afghanistan

Darul Aman palace Kabul Afghanistan to the surprise of many visitors, the interior of the Darul Aman palace survived the destruction. The north face of the palace was completely destroyed, but the south face and the top portion that faced the river remained undamaged. As is the case with many historical and heritage buildings in Afghanistan, the remnants of the old building can be seen today as they were removed from their respective places of origin. The dome-like structure that dominates the upper part of the hallowed palace was obviously destroyed during the war but is being restored to its former glory.

The north and western portions of the palace were restored, while the eastern portion has been repaired and remodeled. It appears that the terrorists had initially targeted the electrical wiring system in the center of the palace, but because the power shut down immediately after the blast, the planners had moved the electrical equipment outside of the main palace area. Darul Aman palace Kabul Afghanistan once the terrorists struck, the blast triggered the heavy machinery that runs the electricity system. Once again, the system was paralyzed and the power had to be manually started again. The planners may have also been trying to make the terrorists target the sensitive documents inside the complex.

Afghanistan Kabul Attractions

Afghanistan Kabul Attractions the exact location of the Darul Aman palace in Kunduz is not known at the moment. Right now, the entire area has been put under the control of the Afghan security forces who are conducting an operation to flush out the remaining terrorists from the city. The operational details are still unclear but all the international dignitaries and foreign observers are aware that the operation is ongoing at this moment.

In English, the word “Darul Aman” means the name of the city where the Pamir Mountains are located. This implies that this palace refers to either the Taj Mahal or the Pamir Mountains. The phrase dates back to the time when the capital of former Afghanistan was called Kabul. The capital of the new country that was formed after the 2001 terrorist attacks is also called Kabul. However, there is a possibility that the phrase Darul Aman means the name of one of the twin Taj Mahals located in the northern part of the country.

The phrase “Darul Aman” is said to mean the city which is located on the river bank. Afghanistan Kabul Attractions there is also a chance that it might mean the capital city of the country as well. The city is located at an approximate distance of 16 kilometers from the international airport and the Garmshekhar Pass. You can reach the city by taking a bus from the Garmshekhar Pass railway station. From there, you should proceed to reach Darul Aman.

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