Decoration Examples You Can Make with Grainy Paint

We look for many ways to beautify living spaces and create the peaceful and eye-catching environment you are looking for. In order to create this environment, we should pay attention to the wall paint preferences that are at the beginning of beautification. Attention should be paid to the exterior as well as the interior. Exterior paint varies according to application and usage areas. When deciding on the right exterior paint for your home, you may need professional help. We are here for professional help as a team of Architects at Home. We have prepared for you those who are curious about grainy paint and what should be known, give examples of grainy exterior paint colors.


What is Grainy Paint?

Grainy paint is a matte exterior paint that gives a grain pattern with its special formula structure with acrylic emulsion. Due to its structure, it is a paint with ease of application, very good adhesion, covering and spreading. It is quite resistant to atmospheric conditions in the environment. It has the ability to breathe to remove the moisture on the wall. Grain patterns form the surface. Grainy paint should never be applied on the elastic paint system. Grainy paint can be used in areas such as brick, briquette, aerated concrete and all kinds of concrete, mineral surface and plaster.

If you want a quality exterior paint, you can choose grainy paint. Because grainy paint is a very good water repellent paint. It allows rain water to flow without getting wet on the surface. It has water vapor permeability feature for the building to breathe. With its thickness and pattern, it completely eliminates defects on the surface. Grainy paint is not easily affected by any weather conditions and they do not fade, crack and swell. Since it is water-based, it does not have an unpleasant smell and does not harm human health. It is a type of paint that is resistant to weather conditions as well as environmental conditions. Grainy exterior paint with all these features will easily present the workmanship you want and expect. Before choosing grainy exterior paint, it is necessary to get information and research from examples as usual. Then, after choosing quality paint and the right color, it will be left to the hands of professional painters who are competent.

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Grainy Paint Colors and Matched Colors

Grainy exterior paint, which is a decorative application, is a very good choice to obtain the desired appearance. Grainy exterior paint with a matt appearance is a water-based paint type. It is a dull-looking paint that is often preferred decoratively with its stylish appearance and decorative area. Grainy exterior paint has the feature of cleaning rain, dust, dirt and oils on the surface. You will not regret that you prefer this exterior paint with beautiful features. And you will impress everyone who sees it from outside.

When choosing grainy exterior paint, attention is paid to choosing it according to taste and color harmony. Colors are important on the exterior as well as on the interior. It would be more correct to prefer exterior paints according to the color harmony and climate of the living area. Grainy exterior paints have colors that can be preferred from each other. Grainy paint gives both elegance and energy to the applied area. In order to feel better and happier, you should choose the colors that will give you the best energy.

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Grain Paint Application Examples from Masters

With a quality paint and workmanship, you can protect your facades from the factors that may occur in the future by protecting them from the factors of water and air. If the building to be exteriored is old, plaster cracks and projected renovations should be made. After plaster and paints are removed, plaster must be applied with exterior putty of these areas. Crack areas filled with putty should be corrected with sandpaper after making sure that its surface is dry. Then, it is necessary to clean dusty and oily surfaces with pressurized water. If there is only dust, it should be cleaned with a brush. Because the paint does not hold easily on dusty and oily surfaces and you cannot get the desired efficiency from the paint that is made with it. After the required plaster modification is done, priming should be done in order to obtain efficiency from the top coat paint and to be durable for a long time.

While continuing the grainy exterior paint process;

  • It should be applied on the surface in one layer with a roller or spray system.
  • If the 2nd floor is required, the waiting time between the floors should be 6 hours.
  • Used tools should be washed with water immediately after use.
  • The surface temperature is 5 degrees during the application and for 24 hours and it should not receive precipitation.
  • In the product, quartz sand can sometimes create tone differences in the finished product. Therefore, products with the same charge number should be used.

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In our content, we have given you information about the grainy paint that adds beauty to the houses with decorative work. We have prepared examples with images related to grainy paint. We have presented you with examples of grainy paint application of the skilled craftsmen and examples of the areas where they are used, along with visuals to give you ideas and examples. If you want to add beauty to your homes and want to learn more about grainy paint, you can contact our Architect at Home team for all your questions, opinions and suggestions. You can follow our content for information and ideas on different topics.

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