Decoration Ideas You Can Do With Thermochromic Paint

Technology facilitates our demands and expectations by constantly changing and developing as required by today. With the development of technology, our work gets easier and we get better jobs. We want to make some differences and create changes in our lives. We would especially like to get rid of their ordinary colors. One of the examples that sign beautiful colors and different styles is thermochromic paints. In order to benefit from the convenience of the technology and make a difference, we have mentioned you about the thermochromic paint and the usage areas of the paint. You can get information and get an idea by reading our content.


What is Painted with Thermochromic Paint?

Thermochromic paint is a type of paint that changes color in contact with heat and water. When exposed to heat, they lose their colors and become transparent.

When used properly and properly, it will take on another color. Usage area of ​​thermochromic paint varies. Thermochromic paint, which changes color with the contact of hot, cold and water, has made a difference when used in many materials. With thermochromic paint, you can get rid of the habit by using it in your cars, the walls of your home, the accessories you use at home, or in your small decorative products. We can choose to use it in many areas to create differences and beautiful styles. It is completely up to your imagination and taste.

It can be seen in many areas such as phone cases, car surfaces, toy cars, decor products, nail polish, lipstick, textile products, small household items, accessories and walls. If thermochromic paints and fabric, glass, metal and the area to be treated accept the substance, it can be applied on all materials. If we explain how to apply thermochromic paint;

  • The area where the paint will be applied, that is the floor, must be black.
  • If the floor is not black, no color change can be seen.
  • Even if the floor is not black, it should be painted in black.
  • Thermochromic paint should be applied to the surface 1 day after being painted black.
  • Since liquid crystal paint is water-based, it must be mixed well.
  • It can be applied with 1 or 1.2 mm diameter spray paint gun.
  • Paint can also be painted with a brush, but the amount of paint is spent more.
  • It should be distributed evenly in thin layers.

Where to Find Thermochromic Paint?

Thermochromic paint It is wrong to say that it is a simple and widely used paint like other types of paint. receiving areas not buy too often found in Turkey is limited. It is a little difficult to find thermochromic paint almost everywhere like other types of paint. Since this different kind of paint is slowly discovered, it cannot be said to be easily found in most places. However, it will be possible to find thermochromic paint from many websites. The paint, which comes with different color options, will be popular with the technology in the future. Because thermochromic paint is a product that can add energy to human life and entertainment home.

Thermochromic Paint Prices

Thermochromic paint, dye, is not a very frequent in Turkey. Therefore, it is not possible to say anything clearly about the prices of thermochromic paint. But since they have online sales, average prices are clear. The price of the thermochromic paint varies according to the color, gram and kilogram of course. In addition to gram and kilogram sales, the prices of the paint, which is packaged for small tools and decors, also differ. As a team of architects at home, we researched and prepared the average prices of thermochromic paint for you. If you intend to use and apply, but you do not know about the prices, you can browse the average prices we have prepared and have information.

Thermochromic paint price varies according to the number of packages and kilograms;

  • Package Price for Small Uses is between 45 TL <60 TL.
  • Kilogram price is between 500 TL <2000 TL.

Great Decorations with Thermochromic Paint

Doing different activities and creating beautiful things has become a desire that has become a part of our lives. Although we cannot always make these wishes, it is possible to reveal even the smallest decorative products. Decorating our homes and normal living spaces has become a purpose and a pleasure for us. I think but if you don’t think of creating different styles, we are here with good ideas. You can try thermochromic paint application to get beautiful decorations. Using the thermochromic paint product on the material you want to create decoration, you can achieve great works and collect everyone’s appreciation.

Although the usage areas of thermochromic paint are known to be very few, they are used in many areas. You can create different styles by using this type of paint on your walls. If you are bored with the usual wall colors and want to create a visual difference, you can add liveliness and excitement to the small parts and walls of your home with thermochromic paint. We have prepared the usage areas of thermochromic paint with visuals for you. If you wish, you can browse and have an idea.

In this content, we have given you information about thermochromic paint, where the paint is used, the application example and the average prices within the scope of our research. We presented the thermochromic paint, which will be in demand in the future, by giving examples with visuals. If you want to use thermochromic paint by researching it. you should prefer by taking information and examining the images. For more information, suggestions and questions, you can contact our Architect at Home team.

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