DIY Projects for Balcony Decoration

I am here with a delayed balcony decoration video 🙂 When I said that the weather warmed up late, I went on holiday, this summer, I empty my balcony a little. I think this is the endless construction coming next. In fact, today I invite you to my home, my balcony.

My balcony is actually the most important reason to move to the house where I live. When I discovered that my dreams of living in a garden house and working in the city were a bit difficult, I changed my destination to homes where I can breathe on the balcony. As a result, I moved to this house, which saw the entire Izmir Bay. When we saw the view and spaciousness of the balcony and the hall, we said okay. I wanted to be comfortable while decorating the balcony. Because we are one of the expansionist people: D we cannot sit flat. As a result, the balcony has become its current form. The DIY ideas I prepared for my balcony with a few accessories I made this year were as follows:

Sofa From Wooden Pallet

After the coffee table I made from the wooden pallet, I bought two more pallets for 10 liras each. I painted these palettes randomly with white oil paint. In order not to bother to wear out, I painted the package a bit unevenly and wiped occasionally with a dry cloth. When I put the two pallets on it and made a cushion of the same size and added the pillows, our sofa was ready for both 2 people to lie down and sit.

Coffee Table From Wall Shelf

If you want to make a low coffee table, this idea is quite good. I attached 4 tiny wheels to the wall shelf that I caught for 10 TL from the IKEA discount. I decorate the interior with succulent and candles and use the top like a coffee table. You can do the same with an old drawer.

Soil Pots

I decorated small pots of land sold everywhere with pieces called terry towels. I think it’s a very bohemian way to evaluate lace pieces;)

Stone Painting

In fact, I can say that it is not stone painting, but also stone decoration. When I go to the seaside, I can’t stop collecting stones, seashells, wood pieces. I drew symbols on the stones with a marker pen and wrote simple words. If you are for minimalism, I think you can evaluate this idea.

Candle holders

I finally tried the idea of ​​making candle holders from seashells and I really liked it. I removed the wicks of the tealights and warmed them in the pan. I placed the wicks in the seashells and poured the candles I melted. In a few minutes, my hardware is ready to use, and they look super.

Baskets and Succulents

Baskets are candies. I love to decorate the baskets with flowerpots, candle holders and lanterns. It has a more compact appearance and makes your job easier while cleaning.

Frosted glasses

I tried frosted glass, but I wanted to share the result even though I didn’t like it completely. I mixed mint green acrylic paint with white glue and applied it to the inner surface of the glass candle holder and jar with sponge. Although not as much as I wanted, there were people who liked it. For a more homogeneous result, refer to ready-made ground glass sprays;)


The chipped wood pieces we collect from the shore are called driftwood. Do-it-yourself projects with these pieces of wood are a unique idea to reflect the marine atmosphere. Some of them are like sculptures. It is the place to say that it is ready to use without the need for any operation. With others, you can produce dozens of different projects that actually come to your mind, wind chimes, frames, candle holders. It is one of the natural materials I like to use on the balcony and at home.

Kraft Flower Pots

After using one of my kraft bags, which I described earlier, inside the house, I was promoted to the balcony. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to close plastic flower pots on the balcony, you can consider this idea. It is also easy to change as it ages;)

Making Flower Pots from Bottles

The bottles that I have proudly displayed in my balcony since the first day were the first project I made and added to the blog with my own hands. So it’s separate for me.

Covering the Old Chair

I could not leave since it was very comfortable with my old metal-legged chair. It is not a type of seat that can change face, but it was very bleaching. After I covered it with a plaid, fringed tablecloth, I just tied it up. I keep using it like this on the balcony.

Lights and candles

I think the most important is lighting. In addition to decorating the jars and putting candles, I recommend colorful or daylight colored led lights. You can decorate the lights for the balcony with plastic cups as we did before. Even though I think that the biggest evil you can do to yourself is to turn on the balcony lamp standing on that ceiling, pleasure is your pleasure.

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