Feel the Music with Quality Headphone Models

Watsons offers you a variety of headphones that will increase your comfort and allow you to enjoy listening to music. The sound output power, connection types, types, durability and additional features of the headphones vary according to the brand and model. By purchasing the product that appeals to you among models with different features, you can listen to audio content comfortably and make uninterrupted conversations.

Ergonomic Wireless Headset Models

Developing technology is evident in wireless headphones. The new generation products use the full wireless connection type, the latest version offers a wide range of Bluetooth standard. Hooked headphones, on-ear and in-ear headphones are preferred with their designs that directly increase comfort. Wireless models eliminate the problems of cable plugging and earphone dropping in crowded areas such as bazaars, buses and shopping malls and during sportive events. The remote control on the earpiece promises effective use. Durable products create a safe usage area. For example, the splashproof series prevent problems that may arise from perspiration or exposure to rain water. Hook and in-ear models are highly preferred in wireless series. Different body features are taken into account in the series made of rubber with a head part and generally small, medium and large size rubber caps are included in the box.

Different Color and Sound Quality Options

Sound quality is among those that determine the product selection. The sensitivity of the headphones, the bass feature, the impedance range, the sound transmission power of the materials used and the structure of the ear pads have an effect on the quality. Preventing outside sounds also plays an important role in sound quality. It is also necessary to pay attention to the headset hardware in order to communicate comfortably. For example, active noise canceling technology detects external sounds coming from the opposite side and provides anti-noise, so external sounds that interfere with speech are blocked before you hear them. Headphones with passive noise canceling technology prevent external sounds. Thanks to these qualities, listening to music and making calls becomes extremely enjoyable.

Technological Features That Make a Difference

Headphone models are used when making phone calls, listening to music, watching movies or playing games. Manufacturing companies, on the other hand, blend models with special features in order to meet these expectations. The innovative series, which adapt to modern technology, make a difference with Android and iOS compatibility. Smart devices are used effectively thanks to the products with Google and Siri voice assistant feature. IPX4 waterproof headphones, models with multi-function remote control and built-in microphone headphones also aim to meet the expectations well. The remote control located on the cord part of the headset or on the headset offers you the options to make, reject and end calls. In addition, functional control designs allow you to perform operations such as changing songs and fast forwarding. External noise is highly prevented, as the on-ear headphone designs cover the ear completely or partially. Thus, the details in the audio content listened to can be heard more clearly. Game lovers prefer this type of creations more.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing Headphones?

When purchasing, it is recommended that you consider issues such as comfort of use, sound quality, durability, design and ergonomics. If you intend to buy wireless headphones, it is advantageous to pay attention to the Bluetooth version and features of the product and to turn to the latest version. In charged headphones, the total usage time and charging time of the product are decisive. The products that can be used for a long time after being charged in a short time are very pleasing to the users.

Watsons stands out with its wide range of brands. It brings you the earphone models of brands such as Philips, Samsung, Baseus. Moreover, thanks to different color options, it is possible to buy designs that appeal to your style. You can choose from price performance headphones, those with extra bass feature, Bluetooth headset types, series that cover the ears well, products with active and passive noise canceling technology, and with Watsons assurance and quality, you can start using your headphones immediately.

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