Interior Decoration Recommendations for the Most Beautiful House of 2020

Are you tired of your home interior decoration these days when we spend more time in our homes than ever before? Wondering about 2020 home decoration trends? You are at the right place! As the time spent at home increases, decoration becomes even more important and some deficiencies or surpluses begin to sink more into the eye. This is why you may have set out on a new quest. In this article we have prepared for you, we consider the decoration trends that we started to see in 2020 and that we will see even more. With the suggestions we have listed for you, you can easily change your decoration and make your home look new. We have listed the best adapted versions of this year’s trends for you. You can take inspiration from these and decide which one will suit your house the most. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Living Room Interior Decoration Samples

It is not wrong to say that the harmonious dance of old and new comes first among the most popular home interior decoration techniques in 2020. We seem to hear you say, “What does that mean?” In the middle of your modern living room decoration, we are talking about using remarkable antiquing or antique pieces. You can give your home a very stylish and different look with the antique pieces you prefer in colors that will suit the general decoration. Antique coffee tables, tables or consoles that you will use especially in living room decoration help you to achieve that stunning look you want. You can admire those who see your living room by creating a flashy look from the contrast you will create by using two different styles together.

Gray color, which has found itself a lot in domestic decoration in recent years, maintains its dominance in decoration in 2020. Moreover, this year we come across with a decoration style consisting entirely of gray color. It may seem too ambitious for you to use gray in all living room decoration, but you will not regret it! You can have a stunning and flashy living room decoration by finishing your decoration, which will start with the light gray color, with decorative objects in dark gray color.

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Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

One of the biggest rising trends in living room interior decoration is vertical gardens and plants used in the home. These green plants add color to the living room decoration and add a liveliness to the home. Especially since it is known that plants increase the energy of the house, it has been used much more in decoration. If you want to apply your vertical garden decoration in your living room, you can use a wall or a corner according to the dimensions of your room. You can also combine vertical gardens that fit modern and bohemian home decorations with hanging pots.

Another of the most beautiful home interior decoration trends of 2020 is colorful frames. You can capture an unusual and beautiful image by covering your walls with colorful frames and colorful pictures. It is possible to create a stronger image by using different sizes of frames together. You can easily apply this look at home by combining the geometric shapes you will draw or the images you will find on the internet with different or the same colored frames. Completing the modern living room decoration very beautifully, this trend can be made at a more affordable price than you expected.

Home Interior Decorating Ideas You Can Use in Bedroom

We will see that the trend of minimalism found itself more in bedroom decoration in 2020. Strong looks, where black and dark colored furniture with flat-clean cuts, which we frequently encounter in Japanese style, combine with natural materials such as wood that we encounter in the Minimalism trend will gain importance. In the bedroom, you can have a more spacious and open-looking decoration that only functions and uses as few items as possible. It is known that this creates a more relaxing and calm feeling on human psychology. Thus, it is possible to create a peaceful living space for yourself.

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Paint Whitewashing Suggestions For Home Interior Decoration

At the top of the most trending and different colors of 2020 crystal green color It is coming. It is possible to get a striking and different look with this color, which is not used much in home decoration. You can use the crystal green, which you can use with other light colors or shades of gray, by applying it all over your wall. Since it is a light color, it suits any size and bright room. You can have a stylish room decoration with white or wood furniture.

Another color we will come across frequently this year oxford gray colord. This color, which contains both gray and blue tones, has a very flashy appearance. You can provide a more beautiful image by using this color, which we recommend to use in larger rooms, in bright rooms with plenty of light. You can create a strong decoration by combining the Oxford gray color with white or lighter shades. You can get a rich and modern look by completing your decoration with dark or dark colored furniture when you apply it to all your walls.

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In this content, we have listed the best home decoration suggestions for 2020 for you. We hope that you have been inspired by the article we have prepared and the examples we have listed in order to achieve your dream home decoration. For more information about home decoration, you can browse our other blog posts and contact our team whenever you want for all your questions. The Architect team at home works with professional masters and interior designers. You can contact us at any time to learn the price and perform your transactions.

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