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Japan sightseeing and attractions list a glimpse of Japan sightseeing and attractions? Well, you are not alone as this country has a number of interesting attractions that are worth exploring. There are a number of interesting places in Japan that one should visit. Japan has a number of islands, it is also home to some stunning hills and mountains. If you are a nature lover and love to get lost in nature, Japan sightseeing and attractions map as it has many hills and mountains that are steeped in natural beauty.

Among the many attractions in Japan that you can tour are the Japan Marine National Museum, Sealife Park, Zankaku-Jima Park, Sankei Museum, Kyu Sankei Museum, dinosaur theme park, National Museum of Natural History, Dinosbi National Park, and Seikatsu Festival. Japan sightseeing and attractions map will show you all these great parks and natural wonderment that you can enjoy when you land in Japan. One of the most popular places in Japan is the Imperial Palace with its Imperial Guards and fortress on Japanese Island. Here you can also find some interesting museums like the Chuo Koen Monachai which offers great information about ancient Buddhism, the Meiji Shrine with its Dragon statue and portrait of Emperor Meiji, and Gionji Temple with its reconstructed temple and an impressive cherry blossom wall. Some of the most popular Japanese sightseeing and attractions pictures sights in Japan are the Sankeikan (scenic cliffs) and Tori (mountains). Japan’s sightseeing and attractions map will also include the Izu National Park with its lush greenery, pine trees, and beautiful lakes. This is also the place where you can find a great variety of wildlife. Other attractions include Mount Kedaru, the Great Wall of Japan, the mono-Ki-Izu National Park, and the Kyudo-Carnival National Landmark.

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