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Mercer island places to visit if you are planning a vacation or business trip to Seattle and are considering some of the beautiful Seattle vacation spots, you may want to think about a Mercer Island vacation. Located right on the water, at the edge of the Olympic Peninsula, Mercer Island has much to offer for those looking for a peaceful place to spend their days. In fact, Mercer Island places to visit are so diverse that it is mercer visitor parking considered to be a ‘must see’ on any visitor to Seattle. Here are three of our favorite stops on the ferry that starts and ends at Mercer Island:

The first stop on the ferry in West Seattle. Here you will find a picturesque Olympic Park and a large indoor aquarium. There is also a beautiful tree-situated beach just off the boardwalk. The second stop for the ferry is Cedar Point State Park; here you will see a natural hot springs area and an underwater park. You will then be transported to the beautiful terminal and cruise ships, where you can catch a view of downtown Seattle. From the terminal, you have several minutes of walking or riding a bike to your mercer visit next stop, which is Mercer Island itself. This historic island offers all of the shopping, dining, and entertainment that you would expect from a modern-day resort town. The hotels are top-notch and there are beautiful beachfront condos and homes available to rent as a vacation home or an extended stay vacation rental. If you are looking for a place to visit on your vacation, Mercer Island has some excellent accommodations to choose from. Stop by at one of the many restaurants on the island and take in some of the fabulous seafood that is prepared daily.

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