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Norway tourist attractions map reveals the wonderful Norway scenery. Norway is one of the world’s top tourist destinations because it offers wonderful sceneries, spectacular mountains, and many more tourist attractions. Norway offers great sceneries that are covered with glaciers, forests, and landscapes. Tourists can have fun skiing and sail on the huge waters around Norway.

Norway’s tourist attractions map brings lots of excitement and thrill to the Norway vacation packages. Norway is the most northern European country on Earth with the sea of norway tourist attractions northern lights the west coast with its fjords. Norway offers a great combination of natural and cultural wonders to tourists. Plan your vacation in Norway with travel experts and free online videos. Norway’s top tourist attractions include the Lofoten islands with their unique fjords, the majestic Skokkloster Mountains, the town of Grimstad with its Cathedral, and the huge Norway House with its enormous fjords. Norway tourist attractions mountains the Lofoten Islands and Skokloster are very popular among the cruise ship passengers because they offer fantastic and amazing views of the Northern Lights. There are many other exciting sites and destinations in Norway including the Akershus and Aust-Agder, where you can see the spectacular fjords.

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