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I decided to make a new decoration ideas video by saying I need to color with the summer. This time pinterestI decided to try the popular DIY ideas in the last period and I started to work. This is the first time I have tried the Fimo dough. Now it is time to briefly summarize the projects with detailed works in the video.

Flower Pots from Pouch Paper

  • Pouch papers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Marker pen

The kraft flower pots, which have started to come to my flow frequently when it is very trending, are the ideas I have tried with the most excitement and I love the result as much. Of course, the only reason I like the project is that it is easy to implement. This project is also environmentally friendly.

You can choose the size paper bag you want, but I preferred small sizes since I will put the succulent. I started by coloring the outside of the paper bags with acrylic paint. While doing this, I did not especially dilute the paint so that my paper bags do not tear.

After drying my paper bag, which I paint in mint green and pink, it will be enough to curl the upper parts 1-2 times outwards.

Finally, write your message on the marker pen. These little ones can be used both as flower pots and as desks.

Unicorn Banner

  • Pink and white fine felt
  • Wooden stick
  • Unicorn template (link)
  • Rope
  • Silicone and scissors

Unfortunately I can’t resist the Unicorn attack 🙂 Actually, I don’t want to resist. It is very fashionable to hang a banner recently, so I decided to remove the unicorn banners that I added to my list.

First of all, I remove the template from the pink felt using the A5 size unicorn template that I linked. Then I cut a piece of A5 size from white felt. I cut the bottom edge of this piece into a triangle. I glue my unicorn banner with silicone on top of the white felt. After sticking the piece of wood on the top, I make a tassel from a lilac-colored thread at the end. I wrap the edges with rope and complete my strap. I think this cute banner suits the children’s rooms the most. I suggest you to hang it out by making different versions in more than one color;)

Pineapple Ring

  • Fimo dough
  • Non-marking marker pen

Although I wanted to try polymer clay, which is fimo dough for a long time, for some reason I could not try it. This time I opened the fimo dough I bought a long time ago to break the leg of the devil and almost regretted it at that moment 🙂 The dough was incredibly hard and it was impossible to knead. Although I gave up on this project first, then I thought of a hair dryer and I started to soften the dough with heat. For some reason, I am one of those who developed their own technique instead of researching. Because afterwards I saw that there were softening techniques on the internet with creams and oils. Heating with a hairdryer did not hurt, but frankly I would like to hear the opinions of those who tried it.

Anyway, after passing the heating phase with very difficult steps, it is time to turn the dough. I opened the dough in a glass bottle so that it was not too thin. Then I drew a pineapple (slightly curved) on the dough with a utility knife.

I did not neglect to give a light plate form by lifting the pineapple upwards a little. When it comes to baking, I put greaseproof paper on the baking tray and baked my ring in a 110 degree oven for 30 minutes. Then, when it was removed and cooled, it reached a form like porcelain. I made small pluses with a Posca pen on it. You have to varnish for the plate to be long lasting, but I skipped that stage 🙂

These were my simple Pinterest projects to color the house. In the meantime, if you try and share with me on Instagram, I would be very happy (the @tarzmesele) I am trying to share what I like, because. By the way, even though I cannot spare time for the blog, do it yourself without interrupting projects On my youtube channel I continue So if you are curious please find me on Youtube, we will not open the gap;)

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