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You have owned the house you have been dreaming of for many years in one day. You worked, you worked, and that house is now yours. Then you can move on to the other stage, the home decoration process. The first question that comes to mind of those who buy new houses or renovate their home is how to decorate the house. It is now very easy to find products that appeal to every taste and style in today’s decoration concept. So how can we choose the most suitable products for our house when there are so many kinds and styles in the decoration world and it is very difficult to choose among them? We consulted this question with our interior designers and compiled many answers we received. A decorated house is the result of intense labor and effort. In the period until you reach this result, you can get lost among hundreds of different decoration styles. In this article, we will talk about the most preferred stylish furnished home decoration styles to guide you.


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Beautify Your Houses with Simple and Stylish Home Decorations

Simple and stylish home decoration What you need to do first is to get rid of the heaps of things that cause crowd at home. One of the most basic elements for simple home decoration is the use of light and small size furniture. It is necessary to pay attention to the same thing in such decorations, furniture as well as accessories, where white, cream and light brown tones should be predominant. One of the necessary steps in simple and stylish home decoration application is to prefer a more simple design, but comfortable seat options. You should prefer furniture with light colors, minimal patterns, comfortable with pillows and small size. This type of furniture will be the right choice especially for those who live in small square meter houses and want to save space. You should choose the fewest possible seating groups for seat selection. We recommend you to make choices to prevent excessive crowd in the environment. For example, if you have a very small area, it may be useful to reduce the number of 2 single seats in the sitting group to one.

Another important issue in this style of home is the selection of accessories. You don’t have to give up on decorative accessories to get the plain look. Again, as with furniture, it will be enough to stick to the rules. These rules also apply to complementary accessories such as complementary coffee table and console. Keeping the number of decorative accessories at the minimum is a must rule. It is important to ensure light balance in the selection of products that illuminate the environment. Large and stoned chandeliers and flashy options are not suitable for simple houses.

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Modern Stylish Home Decorations You Can Apply In Your Home

If there is a word explaining what modern home decor is, it would of course be simplicity. Of course, boring and modern décor with its simple, clean lines, neutral color palette and geometric shapes is nothing but boring. Instead, modern home decor can be warm, inviting and totally stylish in almost any home. So how can you get modern home decor? Obviously, creating modern home decorations is not as simple as entering a store and choosing items with clean lines. A little more than that is possible and there are a few more basic ideas that should be included in a modern decor.

The main idea in this style of decoration is to keep everything simple. Remember the word that best describes modern design and be sure to include it in your space. Simplicity does not mean that the room consists of only four walls and a seating chair, this only results in an unattended place, but it is worthwhile to keep the space as tidy as possible. Studies have shown that mess can cause stress in your life, so keeping your decor simple will help ease some stresses you feel.

Another important concept in modern home decoration is function. Your rooms should not only be simple, but also functional, with these clean lines, minimal artwork and accessories. This varies greatly from room to room, but when you enter a room it should be easy to access and use the various items in it. For example, a kitchen designed with modern decor in mind should have a large study room and everything should be easily accessible.

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Spectacular Classic Home Decoration Examples

Classic home decoration is a style that never goes out of style and is never defeated by time. If you want to bring the magnificent atmosphere of the past to your home, a classical decoration with its remarkable objects and traditional details will be suitable for you. Ornamental ceilings, gilded furniture, marble fireplaces, carved furniture, gilded and patterned fabrics are important details of the classical style. Buttoned shiny upholstery, oriental patterns, satin and silk fabrics, gold embroidered accessories complete this style. It is important to use quality materials in classical decoration, so its application is an expensive style. There is a misconception among the public that the classic decoration is to equip your home with many accessories and look very fancy. Classical decoration can be created with many styles from avant-garde styles to minimalist decoration applications, or it can also shape the whole interior decor of a house.

We hope this article has been a light for those who need help with home decoration. As the team of Architects at Home, we will continue to produce new ideas and content about home decoration, which we are passionately committed to. You can follow us on all social media channels.

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