Summer House Decoration You Will Want to Stay in 4 Seasons

Everyone wants to have a good holiday after months of school or work. Here, the preferences are usually divided into two: The first one is for those who want to have a hotel holiday, and the second is those who want to have a holiday in their summer.


Although the hotel holiday may be more attractive at first, the holiday starts to squeeze as the time spent in the hotel increases, and the people who consciously imprison themselves at the hotel to take advantage of the hotel’s opportunities, and the weight gained as a result of this prison can make the holiday annoying. For this reason, the cottage option has become a popular holiday option especially in the Aegean region in recent years. The cottages, where you have many preferences such as detached, garden or site, are planned in different ways according to the designs of the cottage with seasonal or several-day rental options as well as purchase. When choosing the right cottage, many factors such as the location of the cottage, the condition of its walls, its proximity to the sea or the market are taken into account. However, these factors are things to consider before buying the house, and there is also how to decorate the summer house after buying the house. At this point, as the Home Architect team, we will present you with some ideas, advice and examples.

Practical Ideas You Can Use in Summer House Decoration

As in your own home, home decoration is important in your holiday home. Especially the harmony of the decorative layout will be very positive for you psychologically. In this context, if you need some color advice that you can use in your summer home decoration, we can recommend lemon yellow wall paint first. Due to the color shades it contains, lemon yellow color gives energy and positivity to the environment where it is located just like the summer season. A painting on which you will hang the lemon yellow on your wall will increase this harmony even more.

The next color we will talk about is the baby blue color that leaves a smile on the face of the person even while reading his name. Since the summer season is the most lively time of the nature and the sky is the clearest, the baby blue becomes part of your summer home decoration in harmony with the summer season.

Things to Consider in Summer House Arrangement

The main things you need to pay attention to in the home decoration of your holiday home are not to overwhelm your holiday. You do not have to worry about buying more items, because you will not stay inside with its extra cost and the effect of its already warm temperature, in this respect, a minimalist understanding will be appropriate for your holiday home. The main place you should pay attention to here is to arrange places where you will spend more time during the day, such as a balcony, garden or gazebo. The vitality and energy of the summer season will also be a good opportunity for you to grow plants and deal with the garden. We recommend plants to be the main actor in your summer home decoration. It will be good both in your pocket and inside, especially if you are acquiring a new hobby and reducing your food costs through organic farming, so to speak with the insects.

Summer is the favorite season of many. But summer has an annoying aspect, it is insects. Mosquitoes and black flies, whose numbers are increasing especially in the summer season, may miss you. We recommend that you install a mosquito net on the windows and balcony door to make them miss you before they miss you. Flapper okay, we beat the fight against insects. Now it is time to fight the hot summer. In recent years, with increasing global warming, it is extremely important to purchase an air conditioner that can affect many areas in order to keep the temperature of your environment at a known room temperature against constantly breaking temperatures.

Examples of Summer House Decorations You May Not Want to Exit

In recent years, summer houses have been built in various ways in terms of exterior design. This summer house types; Japanese houses, wooden houses and stone houses are examples. Adjusting the decoration of your home according to these different types will increase the harmony of your holiday home. For example, if your cottage is in Japanese house style, you can decorate your house with Japanese plants.

Consider a summer holiday with your family or friends. This holiday is not like diving into a dark conversation on the balcony, and if your summer house includes a penthouse, a swing seat that you will put on a balcony will do your job. Especially if there is a view, then it means there is no more peaceful in the world than you. When you say let me take a short nap when the conversation is over, it will also make you happy to lie softly on this swing seat and take a short nap. Personally, when I wrote these, a smile appeared on my face, and I cannot imagine how satisfying this decoration would really be.

Yes, it is not possible to talk about the balcony and not to mention the living room, the rooms and the kitchen. For these corners of the house, it will be the right decision to choose colors that are suitable for the spirit of the summer season, as written above, and besides the use of plants in the decoration, you can decorate the rest of the cottage just like you do in your own home. As this subject, we recommend that you take a look at the contents we previously prepared as a team at the Home Architect:

Today, we have provided you with some tips, ideas and examples of summer house decorations. For detailed information, you can reach us from our contact addresses 24/7.

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